Most Essential Dining Etiquette for Formal Occasions in Toronto

Dining etiquette may vary greatly from country to country, and there may also be considerable variation within a country regarding acceptable behaviour or etiquette. Yet, formal occasions do some to have a lot of mannerisms in common. Here are some etiquette guidelines for formal occasions.

Dress for The Occasion

Restaurants in Toronto generally have a no shoes, no service policy. They do not admit customers who show up with no shoes or a shirt. Look at the invitation or call the restaurant to find out more about the dress code.

Avoid Rude Gestures

Raising a middle finger to a stranger or anyone for that matter is rude in Canada. Rude gestures at the dinner table are even more disturbing. Also, try to avoid yawning while talking to someone or when listening to a conversation.

If the urge to yawn is too great while at the table, turn the head away from guests or leave the table momentarily. Downloading apps or playing on a phone at the table is also considered to be rude.

Quebec Etiquette

Being a mostly French-speaking province, it would be good advice to speak a little French to great a good impression on guests. Simple, informal toasts involve raising a glass and saying “Cheers”. The host of a gathering normally offers the first toast. To beckon a waitress in Quebec, say “Mademoiselle” or “S’il vous plate.” Say “Monsieur” to beckon a waiter.


No matter what the occasion or theme of the event is, showing up early at a planned reservation is a gesture of good faith. Arriving late at a party or event can be quite uncomfortable and awkward for everyone. Taking a seat while everybody else is sitting can be quite disturbing for people who are concentrating on a particular conversation.

Remember to consider these etiquette tips when planning on attending a formal occasion in Canada. Make sure to consult the invitation in preparation for the event. All the necessary information about the event, including the address, dress code, and theme, should be included.