Top 3 Food Delivery Apps in Toronto

The streets of Toronto are lined with plenty of restaurants that offer affordable takeout services. However, there is no need to go looking for them when it is easy to download the latest food delivery apps on mobile.

Join the Party With Us crowd and follow some of the latest restaurant trends in the city. Here are some of the latest apps for ordering takeout while passing through the capital city of Ontario.


Download UberEATS and select from Toronto’s favourite restaurants, including La Cubana and Gusto 101. There is only a small delivery fee that is based on where the food needs to be delivered. Busy areas may pay a little more for delivery.

The app has restaurants that are open 24/7. Hungry users can therefore place their order whenever they feel like it. The app promises quick delivery, with meals often being delivered within a couple of minutes on some occasions. UberEATS caters to people that need good food real fast.


Foodora is a user-friendly app that will get users food from their favourite restaurants all around the city. They specialize in door-to-door delivery. Foodies can just enter their address on the app, and the meal will be delivered in minutes. The app will automatically find the nearest restaurants.

What sets this app apart from others is that orders can even be scheduled to arrive at a particular time. This means foodies can schedule their delivery up to two days ahead of time.


Love platters? This app deals with groups and occasions that need a bunch of food to be delivered pronto. Whether it is a business meeting or a party occasion, this app has it covered. The app is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Some select options for food might be hard to find while strolling through the streets of Toronto. Those who are looking for a particular meal can browse their favourite restaurants and menus online via an app. Google “restaurants near me” to search and find restaurants in an area nearby.

Ordering takeout via nifty apps like these gives consumers access to a variety of different cuisines from restaurants all over the city. Order something quick online while touring the city. Here are some original restaurants to explore while travelling.