4 Unique Restaurants in Toronto

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and food lovers are not left in the dark. Food and drinks can now be ordered at the touch of a button. Access these apps in Toronto while travelling through the country.

Nōmads Restobar

This Bar and Grill in Toronto offers a diverse menu unlike any other. Taste familiar and unfamiliar meals from around the world. Nōmads Restobar is managed by a professional chef that is dedicated to treating customers to a delectable experience.

While most dining establishments will stick with a single cuisine, this one goes the extra mile for customers. The menu incorporates dishes like Italian arancini, Portuguese Piri Piri chicken, Chinese bao. Nomads may be opening more chains soon!

Chill Ice House

There is no argument that Canadians love the weather. They love it so much that they’ll drink in an ice bar, even during mid-winter. This “cool” bar literally has almost everything made of ice.

Guests will find icy seating, icy walls, and icy sculptures everywhere. Yes, even the drinking glasses are made of ice. This bar operates at minus five degrees Celsius; it also provides customers with parka-like capes.


Figures bring back the feel of glossy comic book pages and the taste of craft beer. Forbes currently rates this bar and restaurant as one of 2017’s best restaurants in Toronto. The establishment is designed and fully committed to the comic book theme.

The restaurant is located at the back of a comic book and collectibles shop. Entering through the hidden passageway, diners will experience a stylish dining room where comic book pages line the walls. The restaurant is also very modern as it accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

Snakes and Lattes

Snakes and Lattes serve favourite menu items, and what’s more, guests can revel in some board games while sitting down to enjoy their meals. There are currently three chains operating in downtown Toronto.

Game fanatics can enjoy a range of menu options to satisfy their tastebuds. The cafe also hosts exciting games nights to attract gamers. They also have a retail shop for gamers to explore.

Toronto has a culinary landscape that will dazzle and excite diners. It hosts a diversity of dining establishments for every occasion.